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We are always looking for new people to join our team. Positive, energetic, dedicated, and hard-working candidates are encouraged to submit a job application. Please fill out the attached application with your resume and turn it in to your nearest Roboto location.


Being the first person the customer sees or talks to, you are responsible for providing excellent customer service as well as being knowledgeable about our menu. You are also accountable for all cash and credit transactions. Qualification requirements include organizational skills, great attention to detail, previous customer service experience, and ability to adapt to a fast-pace work environment.


As the last person a customer's meal passes through, you are responsible for ensuring all meals are plated appropriately. You are also responsible for running food, cleaning the dining area, filling sauces. Qualification requirements include organizational skills, attention to detail, multi-tasking skills, and customer service skills.


Being a part of our busiest section, you are responsible for cutting, plating orders, as well as assist the main hibachi team member in preparing ticket orders correctly and in a timely manner. You must master portion control and plating. Qualification requirements include working in a fast-past environment, understanding time management, attention to detail, and the ability to multi-task.


Our sushi section is the most important within the restaurant. Appearances for each roll are fairly standard throughout the restaurant; however, understanding the quality of each fish and sushi rice is extremely important in ensuring the freshest roll for our customers. You will also need to prepare sushi rice and manage inventory for this section. Qualification requirements include previous sushi experience, responsible, takes pride in their work, multi-tasking, and attention to detail.


In the kitchen, you will be responsible for doing the most cooking. A general understanding of cooking with garments, meats, and good knife skills are most necessary for this position. You will be responsible for cooking all meals listed in our KITCHEN section of the menu. Plating and portion control are important as well. Qualification requirements include organizational skills, working in a fast pace environment, working well with others, lifting 15-20lbs, previous cooking skills and ability to multi-task.


As our hardest position in the restaurant, you will be responsible for prepping meats, especially cutting and frying chicken, cooking rice and frying rice, and cutting vegetables. You will also be responsible for keeping your prep area and cooler clean and organized. Qualifications requirements include great attitude, hard-worker, dedicated and enjoys working independently.

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